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FAQ about online diary mydeardiary

The most frequently asked questions about the secure online diary mydeardiary are answered here.

What can I use mydeardiary for?

At mydeardiary you can write private entries of all kinds, safely encrypted and protected. The secure online diary serves as a personal diary or journal, virtual notebook or storage location for spontaneous ideas and thoughts. In order to use mydeardiary all you need is an Internet connection. You can access your data from anywhere on the web.

Will my data be transferred and stored securely?

The online diary mydeardiary uses state-of-the-art security standards to safely transfer and store your data. With that in mind no one can see your stories or your private data not even the mydeardiary employees.

Can my entries be read by others?

No. mydeardiary can only be used if you have your password or (optinal) PIN code. And only you have access to your stories, because of that mydeardiary is much safer than old ways of writing diarys.

Does mydeardiary also run on smartphone or tablet PC?

Yes, all common mobile browsers are supported so that mydeardiary complete range of functions can also be used on smartphones and tablets without any limitations.

Which browsers are supported?

mydeardiary works with the following browsers: Firefox (from 3.5), Chrome, Internet Explorer (from 10.0), Safari (from 4.0), Opera (from 10.6), iOS Safari (from 5.0), Blackberry Browser, Opera Mobile (from 11.0), Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android.

How do I change the language on mydeardiary?

In order to change the language on mydeardiary, go to Settings and then click Language. Use the drop-down box to select your language.

Is mydeardiary free of charge?

mydeardiary is free of charge and should remain free.